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Who am I? Well that’s a good question! Well My name is Jesse Boily, and I’m a Canadian. I grew up in Winnipeg, Mb and currently live in Grande Prairie, Ab. I love travel, comics, and movies. I plan to travel for as long as I can and learn as much as I can as I go along.


Here is a quick questionnaire about myself.

Full Name: Jesse D Boily


Hometown: Winnipeg. Manitoba, Canada


Favorite Movie: I hate this question as there too many good ones to list but for starters, The Star Wars series, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones all of them (yes, even crystal skull).


Favorite Book: I don’t read much for novels… But when I do I always re-read The Hobbit and Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.


Favorite Comic Book: After the last question this one had to be added because I read a lot of comics. Easily my favorite comics are spider-man.


Places I’ve Been: All over Canada, bits of the USA and New Zealand and soon a lot more!


Where do you plan to go? : Everywhere I can!


Where Are you now? : South Korea and Japan gonna be jumping back forth between these guys for a bit.


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    Epic you have your own site! 😊 I think you need to expand your travel section th

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      Haha expand the travel section on this page? Ya the about me is getting a bit dated Ill get it updated soon!

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