Aerospace Museum – Jeju Island, Korea


Jeju island is Koreas largest island. It attracts many visitors form all over Asia. I’ve herd a few Koreans even call it the Hawaii of Korea. It also is known to be an island of love. Catering to many newly weds. The southern part of the island is full of resorts. But because this island is full of tourism there are many museums that you can go and visit. I found that there was an aerospace museum featuring lots of airplanes and some stuff on space. I was sold, I had to go see this!

To get around on Jeju island it is pretty easy. You can take intercity buses all over the island. Altho wait times to get back to your city can be quite long! I started in Jeju City and headed to the Intercity bus terminal. From the Intercity terminal you can then catch bus #755. You will ride the bus for about an hour till the o’ssulloc stop. A popular stop as this is also the stop for the Green Tea museum. You will then head SE towards the Aerospace Museum. It is surrounded by fields of tea. So enjoy the scenery as it is about a 20-30 min walk from the bus stop.


Once you get to the museum you’ll want to start inside. The entrance fee is 10000KRW. It will then take you through a brief history of flight. You will then see many aircraft that were used during the Korean war. This then will lead you to a really cool station where they have flight simulators running. Where you get to fly a fighter jet. Among this as well is a drone simulation as well.



Flight simulators!

The path then leads you to the science of flight. Showing the basics of flight, with some example experiments. This is a little more directed towards children. But can still be fun for an adult. Release your inner child! The next path takes you to the space section. You get to see models of old classics space shuttles to seeing a scale Mars rover. This was a fun spot to explore for anyone interested in space exploration. It focused a lot on the future of space exploration as well, with information about Space X and Nasa’s future missions to the red planet.



Curiosity Rover!

The museum then has a few special theatres, and planetarium. I got to see one of the shows but have to saw this was very disappointing. The cost is included with your entrance fee but the videos seemed to be aimed for small children. I spent what felt like a good 20 minutes of the equivalent of Blues Clues in Space. I felt like they could use these state of the art theatres with better programming. But you can then head to the 4th floor which is an observation tower where you can see the tea fields. It was not a clear day when I was at the museum, but Im sure it is a very beautiful view on a clear day.


You then can head out side! Where the museum has a bunch of decommissioned aircraft which you can climb into and play around in! Great for photos! You then can climb around in the aircraft and see what it feels like to be in the cockpit or what its like to sit as a passenger in a military aircraft. After all this if you are feeling hungry you can catch a bite to eat on the 3rd floor of the museum. As well on the main floor there is a coffee shop and a 7-11.





Overall the Aerospace Museum was quite a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the space section of the museum. I hope you enjoyed the post!

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