An Expected Journey


“The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.”

— Chris McCandless


I’ve always wanted to travel the world. If there were anything I could say I’m truly passionate about, I would give it to travel. I always dreamed of doing a RTW trip. The simple idea of living from only what you can carry on your back is astounding to me. I have never known anyone personally to do a trip as such. I wondered “Is it possible?” Today I sit here writing this with the full belief that it is possible. But it has taken time too convince myself this and I still do often get doubts of it.


‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’  -Mark Twain


But why all of sudden this change of mind? I’ve realized that I am still young, and needed to experience the world and follow my passion. One big thing that had held me back was my job. I was given what I still consider the opportunity of a lifetime. I got a job as an apprentice instrumentation technician ( I was making real good money doing this and found the work interesting and rewarding. But I made excuses to keep doing it. “It’s only four years of schooling…you only get one chance at great opportunities… I’ll ruin my life if I go and I’ll have nothing…. I’ll just travel on vacation time and make the most of it…”…


Well, four years turned into more and I really didn’t care much in school as I’d much rather read travel blogs and watch travel v-logs or plan a trip for when I do go on vacation. Maybe it is true you only get one chance for great opportunities; maybe the actual opportunity was travel? Was I throwing away an actual really good opportunity to do what I dreamed of? “I’ll just travel on my vacation time.” I did this by travelling a lot within Canada and also by going to New Zealand, but two weeks was not enough time to get the full effect. In New Zealand I only got to see the North Island! (I do plan on going back and seeing the South) While it was my first time over seas and I was by myself so I have many stories from it to tell, all these trips did was leave me wanting more. “I’ll ruin my life”; oh this tore me up as so many things could go wrong! “What do I do with my stuff?” I’ve always tried saying I’m not a materialistic person but what about when I say I’m going to only live out of a backpack? I’m certainly not going to pack my whole apartment in my backpack! But will it become a true test as to how materialistic I am?


All of life is a foreign country

– Jack Kerouac


I plan on starting my trip in Asia and travelling through it for as long as I can; the next few months should be very interesting. This is truly the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime. I believe that the adventure starts right from that very first thought of “I’m going on this trip”. Now I’ll begin the planning stages of a trip. What I hope and believe to be the biggest trip of my life. Exploring foreign countries is in my future. I hope to share the adventure to who ever reads this.


Cheers, Jesse

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