Baseball in Seoul-Seoul,Korea

Take me out to the ball game.

 Take me out to the crowd.

 Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack.  

I don’t care if I ever comeback…


I had previously herd that baseball is actually quite popular in Korea. In fact I was told it was the countries favourite sport. So naturally I looked up the game schedule and found that there was a few games this week, and best of all you can buy tickets on the day of the game. So just show up to the stadium and enjoy the game.

Jamsil stadium is right next to the olympic stadium. Which makes it very easy to get to. When you get off at the sports complex station. You then appear in front of the ticket sales booths. Prices range from 60000 to 6000KRW. We got pretty good seats high up but behind home plate for 8000. We were technically on the away teams side but we were surrounded by home team fans. Which was a lot of fun! The fans at these games are absolutely great. They sing songs for their team, and players. They cheer and stay till the end of the game.


But what is a ball game without drinks and snacks? It’s even in the baseball song! Well folks this situation is good at Jamsil stadium. First thing first, you are allowed to bring your own beer! Yes, your read correctly you can bring your own beer. But they will make you pour your beer into plastic cups. So don’t bring to many. But you don’t even need to bring beer because in the stadium there are GS25’s in the stadium. Where you can buy big bottles of beer for 3000KRW and they will give you cups to share with your friends. There are many fried chicken and other snacks all around the outside of the stadium that you can take inside the stadium, and in the stadium all reasonably priced.

The only negative I can say about the stadium is that, the seats were super small. Mat and I both felt like sardines in a can trying to simply sit in the seats. Luckily it was not sold out so we could move to a more open row and let are legs breath. But overall what a fun way to spend an evening in Seoul. The fans are super enthusiastic. It’s their time to relax and let it all go after a hard days work and they ensure they enjoy their time off.  So if you have the chance come and see how some Koreans like to let off some steam after a hard days work. Sit back enjoy some beer, chicken and a ball game.

Have you been to a ball game in Korea? or another sporting event in another country? Please comment bellow.

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