Beomeosa Temple-Busan,South Korea


Beomeosa is a temple tucked away in the mountains, by the sea side town of Busan. A beautiful trail surrounds the temple and the local floral is beautiful. The temple being tucked away did not seem to see many western tourist. But the temple seemed to be active with locals using it as a place of worship. Being surrounded by mountains gives the temple a sense of serenity.






The temple is not that old and I actual talked with someone in my hostel who complained that the temple was not old like the sites of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. But the reason for this is, the temple has been destroyed multiple times due to war. It has since been rebuilt multiple times. So it may not be as old or as magnificent as Angkor but it has its own special place. Not being covered by tourists is bonus and it is surrounded by natural beauty and a great view of the city from its mountain top.


Mountain water is piped down to the temple for fresh water.
Mountain water is piped down to the temple for fresh water.

It can be a bit difficult to get to the temple for some, as Korea is not full of english like other Asian countries but it seems to be trying to add more english to boost its tourism. To get to Beomeosa Temple take the subway Line 1 to Beomeosa station. Then take exit 5. Then turn around when you exit the exit and you will see a sign pointing up saying 3km to Beomeosa Temple walk up this road to the bus station up the hill. From here you can take Bus #90 and it will take you up to the temple be sure to get off at the right stop. It will be called Beomeosa Ticket Office. Get off at the stop then walk up to the temple. Admission is free.

Bus station to
Bus station to Beomeosa

Bonus! Heres some pictures from Busan.










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