Cambodian Movie Theaters- Phnom Penh

With the theater in Thailand surprising me on how good it was and the release of Godzilla, I decided I should check out a movie theater in Cambodia! Cambodia is a lot less developed then its neighbor, Thailand, so I’ll get right to it.

I was very glad they didn't allow grenades in the theater.
I was very glad they didn’t allow grenades in the theater.


I went to the Platinum Cineplex at the Sorya mall in Phnom Penh. The theater is on the fifth floor of the mall. The tickets cost $5US for a 3D movie. I did read online to go early due to shows selling out. When I got to the theater I did find out this is true as the showing I was planning on going to was sold out and the next showing was 4 hours later. There was no arcade at this theater but right next to it is a roller rink, if you’re into that.


Concession was very similar to Thailand with different flavours of popcorn. I got a half sweet and salt popcorn which was good. With a soda it cost $3.50US so overall I think it’s costing a little more than Thailand, but still a lot less with North American standards as comparison.


The seats in this theater were very worn out and not that comfortable. It is all assigned seating and you chose your seats when you buy your tickets. The theater was just as clean as most North American theaters but nothing special. The screen was very clear and sound system was good. It reminded me of the theaters in Grande Prairie where they’re not the nicest theaters, but they work. So if you really wanted to get out of the heat for a bit, it would be okay to go see a movie.


Although I do have a big complaint about my Cambodian movie theater experience, and it is the audience. My theater was sold out so I figured this was a crowd that was here to watch the movie and enjoy it. But a lot of people talked throughout the whole movie. Now this wasn’t little whispers; it was full out talking. This wasn’t limited to a small group of people, either, but a bunch of people just talking through the entirety of the film, which I found annoying.


I would say if you want to escape the heat and go to a movie it’s okay to do in Cambodia. But if you’re a person who wants to enjoy your movie and be immersed into it, Cambodia might not work for you as people generally do talk right through it.


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-Jesse Boily


Have you been to a theater in Cambodia? Did people talk throughout the whole movie?


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