The Paris Sugarsheet Tour- Paris,France

While traveling in Korea earlier this year, I met Ji-Won at a hostel in Seoul. She would constantly recommend great cafes and food all over the city. Easy to say we became friends through an appreciation of good food and coffee. Ji also has a blog called Sugarsheet, where she features awesome food all over


Jesse Goes to Paris 2/2

Heres more pictures from Paris! Here you’ll see pictures of the city, Palace of Versailles,Eiffel tower,Arc de Triomphe, and Musee de l’armee the home of Napoleons Tomb.   I hope you enjoyed my pictures of Paris! Share and comment if you enjoyed them! If you didn’t see PART 1 CLICK HERE!   Thanks for checking


Jesse Goes to Paris PART 1/2!

Paris is simply put an amazing city. I’ll start with being saying I felt like Paris is impossible to see all of in one trip. It’s a place with tons of history. The mixture of old churches and some of the best museums in the world and add in the best baking you’ll ever have