North America


Escape to the Mountains-Jasper,Alberta,Canada

It’s Canada’s 150 birthday and as a gift to all you can receive a free pass of entry into all of Parks Canadas Parks. So I took advantage of this hopped into my car and was on my way to Jasper for a few days. Jasper shows some of the greatest beauty that Canada has


Escape into the past Fort Edmonton - Edmonton,Canada

Returning back to my country from my travels in Asia. Has made me appreciate home a bit more. I knew coming back to Canada I would like to be a “backyard tourist”. So on a weekend visit to my grandparents home, my sister, my cousin and I went and checked out Fort Edmonton. At the


Jesse Goes On Family Vacation

I recently went on vacation with my family. Mom and Dad have been to Mexico in the past and wanted us(The Kids) to join them this time. I had never been to a resort before, but did enjoy it. But I’m definitely not ready to give up my hostels yet. 😛 We stayed at Resort