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Geocaching! Explore off the beaten track!

Sometimes you just want to go out and explore a new city. Maybe even go a bit off the beaten track and see some part of the city that most tourists don’t see. Now with apps like Pokemon Go they might take you to areas you never thought to seek out. But there is something


Airbnb and Why You Should Try It!

**This post was originally written while in Thailand in April 2016. I have many posts that get written but I never seem to post. This one I felt could be helpful for anyone traveling with someone else. I hope you enjoy.** Generally in the past I have traveled alone. But for the past couple of


Beomeosa Temple-Busan,South Korea

Beomeosa is a temple tucked away in the mountains, by the sea side town of Busan. A beautiful trail surrounds the temple and the local floral is beautiful. The temple being tucked away did not seem to see many western tourist. But the temple seemed to be active with locals using it as a place


How to get cheap or FREE Flights!

How do you travel so much? This is one of the biggest questions I’m asked. Well travel costs can be some of your biggest expenses when traveling so, first off lets try and cut that price down. I do this with the power of travel points! I recently booked a flight to Bangkok, Thailand from