Dragons of Halong Bay


4 hours north of Hanoi lays one of the natural wonders of the world. Its the home of dragons and caves that house them. It has many corners for dragons to hide behind as well. With large mountains emerging from the sea giving many a sight to see.


I began my journey to Halong bay from Hanoi. I then traveled up to Ha long city which was described to me as the Dubai of Vietnam. A town rich with natural resources and tourism. But I was not here for the town I went straight to the docks and boarded a ship which I would be on for the next 2 days. We were on the search for dragons,naturally.




The first day was very enjoyable cruising by the big islands and then inspecting them further with kayaks. After finding no dragons a swim was in order to cool off from the incredibly tremendous heat. Then the hunt for dragons took place on top of are ship where drinks were had and the sun set.




Next morning, after no dragons were still spotted we then figured they must have been hiding. I then headed to Sung Sot caves. I hiked through the caves feeling like a dwarf from Lord of the Rings. Surely a dragon as mighty as Smaug could be in caves such as these. But my search ended, devoid of dragons. My time was up I had to head back to Hanoi. My ship was leaving. So I boarded it with out ever finding a dragon in Halong Bay. Returning to the city.









The Vietnamese say that there once was dragons in Halong Bay. In fact they helped protect the ancient Vietnamese, defeat invading enemies from the north. The dragons then turned into people, then helped shape Vietnam into the amazing country it is. Which is why Vietnamese people are now part dragon. So maybe I did see some dragons on this trip. After all I’ve met some wonderful people in Vietnam.

I hope you enjoyed this post guys. Thank you so much for reading!

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    Beautiful pictures and a magnificent story to accompany them

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