Geocaching! Explore off the beaten track!

A little park I found in Chiang Mai, Thailand while Geocaching.

Sometimes you just want to go out and explore a new city. Maybe even go a bit off the beaten track and see some part of the city that most tourists don’t see. Now with apps like Pokemon Go they might take you to areas you never thought to seek out. But there is something better then Pokemon Go thats been out for a while, Geocaching a treasure hunt and it’s free to do. The best things in travel are sometimes free. Geocaching has become a very fun and cheap way to explore new places I’ve visited. It has taken me to places I would otherwise have no reason to go to but has also shown me beautiful spots of cities where tourist don’t generally go.

Have you ever herd of geocaching? Don’t worry if you haven’t your not alone. Geocaching is a huge treasure hunt that can be fun for people of all ages. Basically there’s little containers hidden all over the world. They are different sizes, varying from a chapstick container to a tupperware container full of little treasures. There are thousands of these things hidden all over. In fact you may not know it, but there could be some right by your house! Talking with many people they didn’t even know that they exist in their own town.

Mat found a cache! “The little black box”

Sounds cool, eh? How do you get started in your own treasure hunt? Well, lets get you started! This is easiest if you have a smart phone, with GPS capability (so almost any smart phone). For iPhone I use an app called L4C Lite. But there are many Apps pay for and free on the app store and playstore for Android. Next within the app you should be able to search for nearby caches. Follow the coordinates and then begin searching when you are close! It’s that easy. Some people get pretty clever at hiding caches. They generally are pretty well hidden. They need to be in spot so that some Joe Schmo (or Muggle as Geocachers call them) doesn’t find them, and throw it away thinking its garbage. You can download the caches location to your phone and then go search for them without cellular data on, you only need to have the GPS on which does not use data if you are in a foreign country.


The caches will sometimes give you hints with the location. This can help you find the treasure. Some caches are called multi caches which will give you hint after hint to find a cache. These can fill up an afternoon and make you have the feeling of accomplishment once you find the treasure! Once you find the cache you can put your name on the sheet of people who have found the cache as well. When I’m in another country I also add my home country to my name.


Overall I’ve loved my experience Geocaching abroad and even back home. No matter where I am, geocaching provides me with an adventure to go on a treasure hunt. It has taken me to many places that I would generally have no reason to be, but then I’ve gotten to take awesome photos of places I didn’t even know existed(Like this Bridge in Chiang Mai). I highly suggest you try it even if your just at home who knows what you might find exploring your own town!

Have you geocached before? at home? or Abroad? Tell me your story in the comments bellow!

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