Hahoe Folk Village-Andong,South Korea



Throughout Korea you will find traditional homes that people live in. Its almost an hour from the city centre and the landscape changes as you make your way to the village. Changing form a dull city landscape to a beautiful countryside with mountains in the horizon. I took the local bus to the village. Once you get there it is pretty well signed to get your way to the village.



The first thing you notice thats different, from other folk villages in Korea is the straw roofs. The roads are small throughout the village like winding paths that you eventually get lost in. The village was very quiet almost like ghost town. I know from everything I had read that this town was still actively lived in and you can tell by the nice cars sitting out front of some of the traditional homes. But I hardly saw anyone here. It was like a ghost town every once in a while running into a couple other tourist. But then I would get lost in the labyrinth that was the roads of Hahoe. Every turn became a new adventure leading to coo new places.








After you work your way through the labyrinth of roads and paths, you may find yourself by the river. The town is surrounded by a river that curves around the town. To the north you all find the Buyongdae cliff. Theres a ferry you can catch to go across the river, but I did not opt for this as the last bus was coming soon, and had to go. You can catch the last bus in the town it self and it will take you right back to Andong.





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    Awesome adventure! It looks like a cool place to visit

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