Harry Potter and the Ghosts of Edinburgh

First off this post is old and was never posted. It got missed, as have a few posts form the past so even though this is over a year late. Here is a post about Edinburgh and the ghosts that inhabit it. I hope you enjoy.

IMG_4754 greyfraiers sign

I love Edinburgh! It’s absolutely great. Edinburgh at night feels like you’re in an old horror movie. So I went on a ghost tour. Now don’t judge it, if you don’t believe in ghost or even if you do I highly recommend that you do a ghost tour. It was very informative on old Edinburgh and it took us through some spooky old tunnels that lay beneath the city.

IMG_4790 crossbones graves

When you walk down the streets of Edinburgh, it feels like you’re in an old Frankenstein or Dracula movie (especially at night). All this definitely adds to the effect of the tour. The tour took us through the tunnels underneath the city and then to Greyfriars graveyard. It was very informative about the history of Edinburgh and many ghost tales as well. Tales of betrayal, grave robbing and of course ghosts which still haunt Edinburgh. Some even claimed to have odd feelings on there fingers a sudden freezing feeling. Could it be a sign from another form of life? This was a very enjoyable way to spend an evening. But I later learned that Greyfriars had some Harry Potter history to it as well.

IMG_4769 Old graveyard

IMG_4767 Big tombstone

Where did J.K Rowling get the name McGonagall and Tom Riddle (the famous Voldemort)? Well its believed that she may have gotten the names from Greyfriars. She wrote much of the first book just a few minutes away at The Elephant House café. So I went searching for the famous Tom Riddle grave.IMG_4786 Haunted

IMG_4756 Old Tombs


IMG_4777 Tom Riddles grave

So the after are ghost tour the next morning, I headed back to Greyfriars. I then began my search through the many tombstones. They go back to the 1800’s and are very interesting to see the different styles, from many different centuries. So I then walked down a muddy path and in a corner of the old graveyard I found a tomb with a familiar name….Tom Riddle. The name used in the Harry Potter books and films for the main villain Voldemort. I then had to get going and did not have time to find McGonagall tomb stone. If you have the chance to go to Greyfriars Cemetery I highly suggest you go and check it out. Maybe you’ll find some familiar names. Also be sure to pet Greyfriar Bobby on your way out!

IMG_4794 bobby

Have you been to any cemeteries when you have traveled? Found any interesting names/people?


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