Bringing in the New Year In Edinburgh!


Well Scotland or more particularly Edinburgh the capital really knows how to bring in the New Year, in a really big way! With 3 days of celebration you’re bound to have a good time and I did.


Me with my torch for Hogmanay!
Me with my torch for Hogmanay!

Day 1 begins on the night of the January 30th., with the torch light precession. There I marched with thousands and thousands of people while we all carried torches down the old streets of Edinburgh. Yes these are real torches just like Vikings or the angry towns folk chasing the Frankenstein monster. I was simply amazed that no one caught on fire or got burned. I did see some close calls tho. We marched to the top of a hill and then watched a magnificent fireworks show. This marked the beginning of Hogmanay!




The next day of course is January 31st the last day of the year. This of course is the “Big Day”the Hogmanay Street Party. So sleep in and get ready for the big party that awaits you, or you can go to one of the pubs and celebrate the aussie or kiwi new year at 10 am. The street party is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Its huge, no it GIGANTIC. As the night went on more and more people came and as it got closer to midnight it came to a point where you just could not move due to the amount of people, it was insane. It was a huge party and we all drank, sang and danced into the New Year. As the DJs played music from all the decades as they made there way up to the 2014 (I especially enjoyed the 90’s). Then came the count down, and naturally an amazing firework show! It lit up the sky in all directions and was not to be missed.



After a night of partying as I’m sure most of you know you might feel a bit under the weather. Well Hogmanay has a cure of course. Why not take the plung and do the loony dook! This is where a bunch of brave (maybe crazy) souls all dress up and jump into the river forth. It was a cold and damp day so I happily watched from the shore as the brave souls froze in the water.

IMG_4405 starting lineIMG_4399 LoonyDookBegIMG_4411 old ladys?IMG_4413 saftey firstIMG_4414 the dip

Overall I had a blast. Hogmanay was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I met tons of nice and generous people, who I was very fortunate to bring in the New Year with. I hope everyone had a great new years. I wish you all the best in 2015!



Thanks Jesse

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