Jesse Goes To Amsterdam For New Years

Last year I went to Edinburgh, Scotland for New Years. Now this year I figured I wouldn’t do such a big trip. Well then my roommate expressed and interest in going to Amsterdam and I then said lets go for New Years! So we then booked some flights and a hostel and next thing we knew we were on our way to the Netherlands.

Amsterdam the city where the streets smell of weed and the lights glow red. This is what many people all brought up to me when I mentioned I was going to this beautiful old city, but Amsterdam is so much more than weed and prostitutes. Altho these things do exist in this city and are hard to miss, the city is rich with culture and some of the most beautiful mixtures of new and old architecture.

Needless to say this city was busy for the New Year celebrations.( But most cities are and I wasn’t surprised with such a tourist hotspot.) In Amsterdam I found that the dutch have there own unique way of celebrating the new year. The drinks flow easily as you walk through the alleys of the old city and the smell of marijuana fills the streets, waffles and nuttella seem to be a favourite treat along with fries and sauce of course. Then as you are enjoying the atmosphere of the good vibes being brought into the New year BOOM BANG! Firecrackers go off at your feet. Then fireworks go off into the sky. This happens all night leading up to the midnight where everyone fires off there own fireworks and you have to dodge faulty fireworks that fly into crowds of people. Ignited by party goers around the city. But the party does not stop then, the fireworks go off all night, well into the early hours.

Me and Matt had a blast walking around the old centre. We brought in the new year watching fireworks go off in every which direction and both survived the explosion festival Amsterdam calls New Years Eve.

I wish everyone all the best in the new year, and hope you all had a safe NYE.

Thanks for reading, Jesse

Feel free to leave a comment if you enjoyed this post, or tell me where I should experience next years new year party!

Pictures to come soon guys! I didn’t take many photos on New years but lots will be up soon!

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