Jesse Goes to Paris 2/2

Heres more pictures from Paris! Here you’ll see pictures of the city, Palace of Versailles,Eiffel tower,Arc de Triomphe, and Musee de l’armee the home of Napoleons Tomb.

Paris Winter-JGP

Eiffil Tower-JGP

The Arc-JGP
Arc de Triomphe

Je suis-JGP

Avery Ready for war-JGP

Howard the helmet-JGP
Howard the Helmet

He watchs-JGP

IN the tomb-JGP

Napoleons Tomb-JGP
Napoleons Tomb

Monument Alley-JGP

Madeleine Church-JGP
Madeleine Church
Paris Madeleine-JGP
More Madeleine Church
Palace of Versailles

King Louis-JGP

This was seen at Palace of Versailles.


Palace of Versailles gardens Im sure are much more beautiful in the summer but still well worth a visit in the winter.

The sky is the limit-JGP

OMG poop on ma face-JGP
OMG theres poop on ma face!


I hope you enjoyed my pictures of Paris! Share and comment if you enjoyed them! If you didn’t see PART 1 CLICK HERE!


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