Jesse Goes to Paris PART 1/2!

Effiel Tower 2016-JGP

Paris is simply put an amazing city. I’ll start with being saying I felt like Paris is impossible to see all of in one trip. It’s a place with tons of history. The mixture of old churches and some of the best museums in the world and add in the best baking you’ll ever have is. So simply put Paris is awesome.

January Paris-JGP


weird angle-JGP

by side-JGP

Lock Bridge-JGP

Love Locks-JGP

ND across the river-JGP

Paris Eclairs-JGP

The louvre is insanely huge if you love art and history its a must do, we spent a whole day doing it, and probably could have spent 2 days there easily. The louvre houses the famous Mona Lisa painting which is what many people go to see solely but it houses many amazing art pieces. I was amazed simply by the large size of the louvre and the art it holds.

The Louvre-JGP


Maxin out cool-JGP

Hall of Paintings-JGP

Big Painting-JGP



The streets of paris were beautiful when you walk down the streets you can often catch glimpses of the Eiffel tower when your in the district around it.

Paris Alley-JGP

Effeil Tower from Arc-JGP


I hope you all enjoyed! Be sure to check out Part 2 HERE. If you liked these picture be sure to share or leave a comment!


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