Jesse Goes to Songkran 2016


I’ve said if I go back to Thailand I could not miss Songkran (the Thai new year). What’s so special about the Thai new year? Well its a lot of fun for all as it turns into a great big water gun fight. Remember those days as a kid running around the neighbour hood and sneaking up on unsuspecting friends and family and then you strike. Squirt them with your water gun, then run off! During Songkran everyone is fair game. People riding in taxis get soaked, people driving motorbikes get drenched and if your brave enough to walk you will become sopping wet. The streets are filled with smiles as young and old run around with water guns and buckets of water. Everyone gets soaked.


The Thai new year generally takes place on April 13 but up in the north in Chiang Mai I was told that the festivities can go on for a week! This year tho SE Asia is facing a drought and water needs to be reserved. You would not be able to tell that by looking at the streets but it has been cut short this year. Instead of the normal 7 days they’ve restricted it to 3 days.

The Thai believe that the splashing of water is to wash away sins and bad luck for the coming year. I could not think of any better way to start this trip. I don’t know how long I will be traveling but I’ll take all the luck I can to travel for a while! Washing away all the past to start a new journey!

Ready for the water war!
Ready for the water war!

I was not able to get a lot of pictures, due to the nature of the festival(You were never dry). So most of my pictures were shot with my iPhone in a plastic bag.I hope you enjoy them non-the less.

Have you gone to any festivals in another country or participated in a worlds biggest something!

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    I live in Myanmar, and our version of the water festival (Thingyan) is insane!! Looks just as crazy in Thailand to!

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