Jesse Goes to the Movies-Chiang Mai

Jesse Goes to the Movies-Chiang Mai


Anybody who knows me knows I love movies. Back home it’s what I do every weekend; I go and see the newest releases. So when I started planning my trip I saw that there were quite a few movies I was going to potentially miss! Spider-Man 2, Godzilla, X-men: Days of Future Past! Well this could be reason to not go on the trip itself! But not to worry; they have movie theaters in Thailand! So, naturally, I would have to go. So I went and saw Spider-Man 2 in Chiang Mai! At the SFX Cinema Maya.


So movie theaters in Thailand….how good can they be? Well to my surprise they are a lot nicer then most theaters in Canada. I’ve got to say I was impressed. When you go to buy your ticket there are different types of tickets you can buy: there is a VIP ticket in which your popcorn is included in your cost and you get to sit in lazy boy recliners, then there’s a couples ticket which gives you a seat for two people where you basically get a love seat to sit with each other, and then there’s your average-Joe seats which are just a basic seat. But I must admit the seats are super comfy, especially for the low price of 120 baht ($4CND). All seating is assigned seating, which you get to pick where you sit when you buy your ticket.


On to the concession! So here’s where I have to admit, I’ve gone a couple times to the movies here in Chiang Mai almost for the sole reason of the popcorn. Now, in Canada we go the theater and you get popcorn and you have the choice of getting butter poured on it. In Thailand there is no butter for your popcorn, but they have instead a few flavours to chose from. You can get: corn cheese (not as bad as it sounds), salt (the closet to Canadian theater popcorn), candy corn (sweet), mango (this was super sweet), and BBQ. The prices for popcorn seem reasonable, especially compared to Canada, as a combo for a popcorn, drink, and hotdog cost 200 baht($6.50CDN). Concession also had Pocky and nachos and a few candies to choose from as well.


On to theater! As I said earlier, the seats were quite comfortable. The sound in the theaters was awesome! On par, if not better than, Cineplex’s AVX theaters in Canada. They said that the projection was a 4K projector. I’m not sure if that’s the theater I was in was but none the less the picture was perfectly clear. Another note to make is that the theaters themselves were very clean. Something Canada needs to pick up on! There are just as many previews and ads before the movie. The only difference is they do play the national anthem before the film, so everyone stands before the movie begins. I almost forgot, but who ever made the “turn off your cell phone” advert for the SFX cinema in Chiang Mai deserves a raise cause that’s the funniest one I’ve ever seen.( )


Overall I really enjoyed my experience at the Maya SFX cinema in Chiang Mai. I suggest that if you have the time, go see a movie in Thailand! It’s definitely cheaper then back home in Canada, and the theaters are a lot nicer. It’s quite easy to tell if a movie is in English as after the title there will be an (E) indicating its in English or (T) indicating it’s in Thai.


Have you gone to the movies in a foreign country? How was it?

Thanks for reading, Jesse Boily

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