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People who know me personally know that, just about as much as I love travel I love movies as well. So the one thing I make sure I do in every country, I go to the cinema and see a movie. Generally I still go to the same movies I would as if I were in my home country, So if the newest superhero flick is out, and I’m in Thailand or any other country I’m not going to miss out.


Going to the movies in different countries has been really rewarding. I’ve found seeking out movie theaters has taken me to many places in cities I would have no reason to go to. I have also found neat little art house style cinemas in countries I’ve never expected to have them. The most memorable cinema I have visited was The Empire in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It’s a small cinema in the heart of Phnom Penh with comfy chairs and couches, in it’s tiny theater. When you walk up the stairs you are greeted with posters of old classic films and Stanley Kubrick mural, the stamp of true film lovers.


Now it does not matter if I’m on the road or at home, I’m watching movies! But some of my favorite movies are the ones that are based on travel and or even better ones that inspire travel! So here are my favorite travel movies!


10- The Beach (2000)

The Beach is based on the book by Alex Garland, of the same title. It follows Richard who travels to Thailand, but wants more from his experience then the usual tourists experience. He then acquires a map to an Island where it is said to have the perfect beach. When he arrives all is not as it seems.


9-The Secret Life of Walter Mitty(2013)

Walter works in the magazine business developing film for the magazines greatest photographer. The magazine is going out of print to be digital only and Walter has some how lost the piece of film meant for the final cover. He then embarks on a journey to go find the photographer who took the photo, taking him all over the world.


8-One Week(2008)

Ben Tyler a school teacher finds out he has cancer and then embarks on a motorcycle journey across Canada. He travels from Toronto to Tofino. He then stops along the way at many whacky Canadian “worlds largest” monuments, and turns his quest into a search for Grumps (watch the movie to find out what a grump is).


7-The Way(2010)

A father has to go to France to recover the body of his son who attempted the Camino de Santiago (The St. James Way) pilgrimage trail. When he arrives he then decides he will continue the journey his son began. He is then joined by a group of people from all different walks of life and parts of the world.


6-Up in the Air(2009)

Ryan is a man who lives out of a suitcase and travels from city to city firing people from their job. That’s his job. He then is threatened when the company he works for is looking to change the way they do his job which would require no traveling. He then has to travel with an inexperienced traveler, who also is trying to change his job.


5- Raiders of the Lost Arc(1981)

I had to put Indiana Jones on the list. Indiana is an archeology professor/ adventurer in this film he goes all around the world to find the fabled Arc of the covenant and fight Nazis! All the Indiana Jones movies are fun exciting movies which make you want to be more like him when you travel. So check out the others as well.


4-Into the Wild(2007)

Based on the true story of Christopher McCandless. After graduating university Chris embarks on a road trip across America. When his car breaks down he then begins his journey, hitchhiking across America and giving up all his money at the same time. He then travels with no money and eventually goes to live off of the land in Alaska.



Carl Fredrickson grew up imagining a life full of adventures. He then meets his to be wife Ellie who shares the same sense of adventure. But life catches up to them and they never get to make their trip to Paradise Falls. When they finally can make it Ellie becomes ill. Carl eventually has to make the adventure himself at the age of 78.


2-Art of Travel(2008)

Connor after just finishing high school leaves everything behind when his wedding plans fail. He then books a ticket to Central America where he then meets a group of foreigners planning on passing the Darien Gap.


1-Lawrence of Arabia(1962)

Lawrence of Arabia follows T.E. Lawrence a british military figure. The film focuses on the Arab revolt on the Turks during World War 1. Although not a travel movie persay, I find it inspires travel due to the beautiful landscapes throughout the film. It makes you want to go out and explore the desert and visit Bedouins.



I hope you enjoyed my short list of my top travel films. What are some of your favorite travel movies? Movies that inspire you to travel? Please leave a comment bellow!


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