JSA and DMZ tour-Seoul, S.Korea


Korea is a country that many people know, has been split into two. The country got split during the Korean War. The country is technically still at war, but a cease fire was signed to stop the fighting. This then lead to the creation of the DMZ(Demilitarized Zone) and the JSA(Joint Security Area). This is a buffer area between the South and North border. This is a highly protected area with multiple military check points. But still very accessible to visit.


When you arrive at the JSA, you will be taken into the American Army base and given a briefing about what you can and cannot do while in the DMZ and JSA. You can only take photographs when told you can and also they can only point towards the north. Once in the JSA you will get to go into the Blue house where the south and north have there negotiations. So if you cross the table inside you will technically be in North Korea, a rare opportunity.




The tour also took us to the third tunnel that South Korea had found underneath the DMZ that the North had dug into S.Korea. This was a long inclined walk down into the tunnel. No pictures are allowed inside the tunnel. The south barricaded the tunnel with three walls a meter thick each. It is possible that there are many tunnels from the north into the south that are unfound.

Bridge of no return into Noth Korea(DPRK)
The site of the axe murders incident.
Yup! The JSA has a gift shop!
Yup! The JSA has a gift shop!

The tour also took us to the Dora San train station. Where S.Korea and N.Korea had agreed to connect each others railways. This railway is unused currently, N.Korea agreed with the construction of the railway from the South when it was being used for humanitarian aid. When the South stopped providing aid to the north. The north then no longer allowed the rail way to be used, so now the station that connected Seoul to Pyongyang is closed with a very empty train station. S.Korea also shows hope for reunification, and the opportunities it can have with joining the Eurasia Railway.

North Korea





Prayer flags


This was a very unique experience, getting to see North Korea. The DMZ and JSA is a very tense place to visit but well worth the visit. A must see if you are ever in Korea.

North Korean town of Kij┼Ćng-dong seen on the left.

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