Monkey Mountain-Kaohsiung,Taiwan


Taiwan is full of beautiful trees and jungles. Its surrounds its cities, people trek though the intense heat to see the intense beauty that Taiwan offers. I then found that on the outskirts of the city of Kaohsiung is a mountain full of monkeys. So I gathered up some friends and then we got up early in the morning and then we were off to go up the mountain.

The trailhead
The trailhead

You will want to get to the trailhead nice and early. To get to the trailhead get some friends and split a cab. Cabs through out Taiwan are quite cheap. So splitting it with some friends works quite good. The trail will greet you with monkeys that will climb in the trees all around you. Remember that the monkeys are wild! They can be mischievous as well. I was told by locals to be careful. The monkeys have become used to humans being around and have been known to steal food from unknowing tourists. As well they know the sound of a plastic bag means food.



Everyday locals carry up water and tea in great big barrels on there backs and make tea at the top of the mountain. Then when visitors reach the peaks they let them drink the tea for free. I was told many locals will do this simply for exercise, and others because they are tea enthusiast. Either way it’s a really neat experience. Be sure to bring a cup or metal water bottle as the tea is very hot. It melted my plastic bottle a bit. Try a little bit of all the teas as they are all different.









The trail is well marked and filled with many hikers, and as throughout Taiwan the Taiwanese people are always willing to help you. The people here may be the friendliest in the world. While hiking the trail I spoke with other Taiwanese hikers who were all friendly and helpful. The hike to the top takes about an hour. Be sure to bring lots of water and a cup for some tea or a metal water bottle. The tea is free at the top and there is water that you can use to refill your bottle. If you have the chance definitely go and check out Monkey Mountain, see some monkeys, drink some tea, enjoy nature.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you hiked and seen wild monkeys somewhere? If so leave comments bellow! Also suggest more awesome hiking spots!

Thank you for reading everyone! I am truly appreciative of you all.


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