Spicy Ice Cream-Tainan,Taiwan

Doge-The Spicy Ice Cream Shop
Doga-The Spicy Ice Cream Shop

Ice cream is essential to life. Especially in a country that is as hot as Taiwan. Ice cream as I think everyone knows is a nice treat on a warm day usually sweet and refreshing. I think most countries enjoy ice cream on hot days. Im yet to encounter a country without this delicious treat. One night I was talking with a new friend who said I had to go to Tainan and try Spicy Ice Cream. I paused for a moment confused by the comment. Ice cream this sweet innocent desert could not be spicy that does not make sense. I then inquired again “Did you say SPICY Ice cream?”, maybe something had gotten lost in translation. “Yes, its ice cream and its spicy.” Replied my new friend. It was then I knew I had to go to Tainan. The next day I was on my way to a new town to discover this new twist on a delicious treat.


Doga is the shop that has created this unique treat. The shop is easy to recognize on the outside looking unique to any other shop around it. When you enter you will see that its offers many dried out spicy things, good for anyone who loves all things spicy. But I was here on a mission to try this Ice cream. There was different levels of spicy I decided to go with the middle spicy one and then they also give you the choice of “spicy cookies” at the bottom or cereal(corn flakes). The spicy cookies add an extra kick that I think add to the experience. They then put the cookies or cereal in a bowl, then some soft serve vanilla ice cream on top, and add the spicy powder on top.

Spicy Ice Cream
Spicy Ice Cream

The coldness of the ice cream with the mixture of the spicy seasoning is simply confusing at first. The heat of the spicy is almost instantly cooled until you hit the cookies which then intensify the heat. An uncommon mixture of cold, spicy and sweet makes it the most unique ice cream I have ever tried. If you are in Taiwan definitely make the stop in Tainan and try this unusual unique treat.

Have you tried spicy Ice cream? What the weirdest Ice Cream you have Tried? Comment bellow!

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