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While traveling in Korea earlier this year, I met Ji-Won at a hostel in Seoul. She would constantly recommend great cafes and food all over the city. Easy to say we became friends through an appreciation of good food and coffee. Ji also has a blog called Sugarsheet, where she features awesome food all over the globe! So earlier this month I found myself in Paris, and decided to try Ji’s recommendations on Sugarsheet. I will now use her blog to find all these hidden secrets in these amazing cities she writes about.



Was the first on my list due to its location being within 10 minute walking distance from my hostel. Located down an alley littered with cute little artisan shops and little galleries. This little cafe seems to be a huge hit, the busiest place on the street. Sugarsheet suggests the carrot cake as a must try, so naturally I had too. I was pleasantly surprised with this place as soon as I walked in.



The cafe was busy with many people, filled with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. I was quickly given a seat by a lovely waitress and ordered the famed carrot cake and a latte. The carrot cake was very sweet but not an overpowering sweetness that some carrot cakes suffer from. It was perfectly moist and consistent through. The latte as well was made with quality beans (yes, you can tell when you have them) and was a perfect blend. Any coffee lovers will love the coffee here, and especially enthusiasts.

To read more about Coutume read Sugarsheets post HERE!

Mori Yoshida:



Sugarsheet recommends the macaroons and after going to Mori Yoshida’s I have to say they area must try! Mori Yoshida is located very close to Coutume and Napoleons tomb. Situated just outside of a nice little park where you can go to enjoy people watching with your fresh pastries. But you will not be people watching long as your first bite into the macaroon, will send you to heaven with your taste buds in ecstasy. I’m no expert but these were perfect, sweet,chewy,and savoury. I started just with the caramel macaroon but returned to this shop I believe 3 times during my stay in Paris! Returning for “just one more macaroon”.







I also tried the chocolate eclair, it was unlike any other eclair I have tried before, and was lovely. Now I am not a big chocolate fan generally but Mori Yoshida could change that for me. Biting in to these pastries you taste and feel the quality ingredients and skill that this little shop provides. It’s definitely a world class shop. This is a MUST visit in Paris! Make the time to go here when in Paris. You will not regret it!

Read more about Mori Yoshida on Sugarsheet HERE! 

Shakespeare and Company Coffeeshop:



This famous little cafe has been around for years, full of history and well worth the visit. If you are out sight seeing you will most likely go and see Notre Dame along with seeing the beautiful cathedral go eat and relax at Shakespeare and Company. The little cafe has a beautiful view of Notre Dame and an excellent menu.






I went and got a cappuccino and the homemade bagel with cream cheese. If there is only one thing I learned from the Sugarsheet tour it is what good coffee is. The cappuccino was so perfectly balanced in taste. The bagel and cream cheese was so rich and delicious. Toasted so that its crunchy on the outside but, chewy and warm on the inside. This was a lovely lunch. Usually restaurants and cafes so close to a tourist attraction are not that good, this is an exception as it is wonderful. After eating make sure to check out the bookshop next door. As it houses a wide range of english books, along with a beautiful library on the second floor. If you go to Notre Dame go here as well, or even skip Notre Dame and go here!



Read more about Shakespeare and Company on Sugarsheet HERE!

Paris is a city full of good food, on your next visit to Paris be sure to check out these hidden gems. Along with a site, I plan to continue to use as a reference for where to eat in cities all around the world.

Ji suggested many places to me while in Paris, I also went to and suggest you check out Cafe de Flore a lovely restaurant, I did not eat here but the food looked amazing, I enjoyed a coffee on the patio while people watching. Also checked out Gontran Cherrier where the sandwiches were very good. I highly suggest for a lunch if your in the Montmartre area.



Cafe de Flore View


Thank you for reading! There has been a pause on posts due to me doing the Camino de Santiago! I hope to be able to write a post about it soon! Along with a Special Thanks to Ji-Won at Sugarsheet!

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    Jesse, your pictures are S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. I m reading you from New York and I m so hungry in front of my computer screen, looking at the delicious pastries and coffees..!

    I m delighted you liked all the addresses I recommend you, you can now call yourself a Parisien 🙂

    A tres vite mon Jesse!!!

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