The Flight To Bangkok

I arrived in Bangkok …tired. No other way to put it. I started in Edmonton and then flew to Vancouver with a 5 hour layover. The night before I only got about 4 hours of sleep. I figured this would be fine as I would just sleep on the plane to China, then catch my connecting flight to Bangkok. From Vancouver to China it takes 13 hours. I would say that gives a lot of time to sleep. But then something happened …dun dun dunnnnn.


I was flying China Southern airline, and their seats are not made for the North American big guys, and they decided that it would be a good idea to put three off us in one row. Needless to say it was cramped. But I quickly got over the fact of the crampedness and said “I am going to sleep!” But then a little old grumpy Chinese man was sitting behind me. This of course wouldn’t be a problem but just so happened to be that this airplane had touch screens on the seat in front of you so you could pick what to watch, but these screens sucked so you had to tap a few times for it to register properly. This of course means you just gently tap it and try again when it did not work. But this little Chinese man behind me said, “Nay nay. I shall hit it harder each time till it works.” Let me tell you, he could not decide on what to watch because every time I just about fell asleep …BANG! He would hit the seat and wake me right away.


When I finally got to China I had maybe an hour of collective sleep from the flight and found my connecting flight to Bangkok. I got onto the plane to Bangkok and everything was good. I fell asleep while still on the tarmac and did not wake up till we were in the air. To my surprise. I didn’t even realize we had taken off. So I guess I was tired.


That was my flight to Bangkok.


tuktuk resized


Tuk Tuk driver taking a nap.

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