The Forest City -Taipei,Taiwan


Sometimes I just travel somewhere,anywhere really. I find a cheap flight I check if I need a visa and  if I can get a visa easily enough, I go. Simple as that, oh the joys of not having any commitments! So I found a cheap flight to Taipei and decided I would go and explore Taiwan a country I really did not know much about. Traveling blind is rewarding but does have its draw backs as well.


As you travel through Taipei, you see its a very green city. Its almost as if a city just popped up in the middle of a forest. Trees are encompassed in the city. The streets are busy with scooters and cars and the above ground metro can be seen where ever you go. The architecture is exquisite, you can see the unique Taipei 101 in the distance from many sights. This makes the city distinct from most other cities.






After spending so much time in Asia now I can honestly say I didn’t think it had much else to offer me. I even said this to my family during our weekly FaceTime. I was wrong in saying that it had nothing because just when I think it does not it proves me wrong. Taipei is unique. With the city having an urban forest feel to it. It attracts many to come here to hike. You can hike mountains in the middle of the city and almost forget your in the city. Taipei is tied with nature better than any city I’ve ever seen.







I did not have time to go hike the big trails while I was in Taipei but I hope to one day. The taiwanese are friendly and always willing to help you. A lot of people I have found do speak english, and if they don’t someone around will come and help you. Getting around Taipei is easy! The metro lines are few and easy to follow. Be sure to pick up a EasyCard and load it up and then you can use it throughout Taiwan for your public transportation. At the metro stations they have maps that you can grab that are in english and all the stops are also announced in english to make your trip nice and easy.

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