The Grand Palace- Bangkok

It was my first day to explore the city of Bangkok and I decided I would head toward the Grand Palace first and see what the rave about this place was. I arrived at the palace at 8:00am. The doors opened at 8:30 am so I waited outside the entrance till they opened. It costs 500 baht to get in and you are greeted with some very spectacular views of very elegant buildings.



The detail among all the buildings is amazing and quite fulfilling to look at. The atmosphere is filled with the prayer of people as one of the first sites you will see is the emerald Buddha, which dates back to 1782. You can’t take photos of it so here’s some of the building it’s in.





IMG_1208 IMG_1178 IMG_1188

As you go you will see the Grand Palace, where many of Thailand’s previous kings have resided. My understanding is it’s mostly used for social events with the royals now.


The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is nice start to a trip in Bangkok. But beware of scammers that will tell you the palace is closed. I also saw people selling pants outside of the palace. You do need pants to enter, but you can rent pants for free once inside the palace grounds.


Cheers, Jesse.


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