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Taipei Fine Arts Museum

I often enjoy checking out my local art gallery back home. I think its good to take a breather some days and visit a gallery and let your mind wander, it can also help with creativity. In Taiwan I was very lucky to have been able to visit quite a few galleries and even meet a few young artists.


Taiwan may have the most friendly people in the world. Coming to Taiwan I was not sure what to expect. But in the end I have found a country with the worlds friendliest people. I have traveled with Mat for the past few months, he has since moved to Taiwan, and this has made me extremely jealous that he gets to really experience such a great country. One of the first thing I noticed about Taiwan was that was tightly tied to nature. The next was that it was an artists country. Taiwan holds some very beautiful art galleries all across the country and are all worth a visit.


The first art gallery I attended was the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The gallery its self is unique with its architecture. The gallery showed many paintings and photographs featuring Taiwanese artist. The museum was the low price of 30NTD.




The next gallery is in Taichung, at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. I first went to the National Museum of Natural Science, which is close to the art museum. Well, worth a visit with its animatronic dinosaurs. Parts of the museum are in english but mostly in mandarin. When you are done at the museum, head down towards the gallery, in which you get to walk through a beautiful park. As you get closer to the gallery more and more statues appear. The gallery has free admission and houses some beautiful art, including Taiwanese painters, photographers, sculptors and mixed media. While I was there they also had a gallery featuring traditional Japanese art.

National Museum of Natural Science












National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

I then made my way down to Kaohsiung. Here you can see the art all around Pier 2. Sculptures litter the land in what was once a rail station. It makes for a fun evening exploring the gallery and just the sculptures around the area. I also met a couple of artist in my hostel who had a gallery. So I went and visited it. This felt real special, as it was a small gathering of artist. They all seemed to really enjoy what they did and were happy to show me their work. This is a reason in itself to just always talk to people in your hostels or hotels and make new friends, it will lead to places you would never find another way.






I hope you enjoyed the post. What country has surprised you by the art? Leave comments bellow!

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