The Ladyboy Cabaret- Chiang Mai


Thailand is known for many things, great beaches, great food, beautiful scenery and ladyboys. The ladyboys of Thailand do exist. You will see them when you spend any amount of time in Thailand. Sometimes you might not even know, other times its very evident. Thailand seems to be fine with the existence of its ladyboys. Many tour operators joke about it. We even made friends who have family members who are transgender/ladyboy. Our host in Chiang Mai told us that the Cabaret show was must see. But we were very apprehensive about going to the show. It was a bit out of our comfort zone. But sometimes its good to get out of your comfort zone and experience something new. So we went.




The show is 290 Baht. This includes a beer and a snack(a packet of peanuts). The show is a fun show to watch the performers had a very well choreographed dance routines and lip synced to many popular songs. They also interact with the audience quite a bit. So I highly suggest that if you are at all a bit apprehensive about going to this show as a male, do not sit by the front. The show does have a bit of a sexual element to it, as we did see a guy get pulled up the stage and get a lap dance from a performer.

Overall the show was quite entertaining and I would suggest that anyone in Chiang Mai go and check out the show. Get a bit out of your comfort zone, and go see a entertaining show. Its an hour of high energy dancing full of funny moments.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed. All the pictures are from my iPhone so sorry for the not as great pictures.


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    Wow, that sounded exicting. I would have guessed one of you was dragged unto the stage. Lol….

    Nice pictures even with the IPhone.

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