The Lanterns of Hoi An


There is a little town just out side the city of Danang, called Hoi An. It houses an ancient townsite built around the river. Its the site of some beautiful bridges and the best tailors in all of Vietnam. Every full moon tho the lights go out in this town.




Of course this is due to the lantern festival it holds. The electric street lights are replaced with hanging candles, the river become illuminated with wishes (lanterns that people float down the river). The town is filled with locals and tourists for this special event. The smell of incense fill the streets as they are burned in big bundles at every shop. Live performances and parlour games are played in the street. But nothing beats the beauty of looking up and seeing the full moon up in the sky and town on lit by candle light. All the restaurants along the river as well have there lights off and embrace the ambience of the night.








This was a particularly hard event to photograph for myself as I do not have a tripod on this trip and everything took place at night in the dark. I hope you enjoyed the photos just as well tho!

Thank you everyone for your continuous support! If your enjoying these let me know!


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