The Sanddunes of Vietnam-Mui Ne


We are working our way up the Vietnamese coast. To look at Vietnam from a map it appears as a giant coast line. So we are going to explore the coast line. About 5 hours from HCMC lays a little coastal town, called Mui Ne.

Road to the hostel
Road to the hostel

I think most people only spend a day or two here. It seems to just be a long stretch of resorts, mostly catering towards Russian tourist. The beaches are hidden by the giant resorts. On the other side of the road is where you will find the budget hotels. This is of course where I ended up. Our hotel was up a hill and had a pool, which overlooked the town to the ocean.


Mui Ne Gas station
Mui Ne Gas station

After hearing about some of the sites that Mui Ne has to offer. We hired a jeep who then took us for a drive around the area. The sites being a fairy stream, a fishing village, and the white and red sand dunes. They are all located just outside of this seaside town.

Fairy Stream-Mui Ne



An old army jeep came and picked us up at the hotel. We then were off to our first stop the fairy stream. You walk through the stream to see everything it offers. The water is warm and not even ankle deep. Its refreshing in the Vietnamese heat. You pass by very neat rock formations and cows that wander by. We then headed to the fishing village. Which really we didn’t get to see much other than from an outlook to see that there were lots of boats.


Fishing Village- Mui Ne

Our next stop was at the white sand dunes. Here you can rent a quad and climb the dunes. You can also rent another jeep that will drive a group of you around this being the cheaper option we then hired a second Jeep(The Jeep that drives you to the site is not equipped to drive in the sand dunes.). We then drove through this mini desert jumped out of the Jeep and climbed a dune where we could then take photographs and take in the scenery.








After dune buggy adventures we then, were on our way to our last and final stop the red sand dunes. There we were going to watch the sunset over the red sand. It was a nice end to our day and were quite tired after it.



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